5 Home Must-Haves for Aging in Place

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While assisted living communities can be convenient and luxurious, not everyone is willing to move just because they’re getting older. Unfortunately, not all homes are designed with aging in place in mind, making them difficult to navigate and intimidating to older homeowners. However, there are modifications you can make to your home that will make staying at home easy and comfortable.

1. Stairway Lifts 
When going up and down stairs becomes a challenging, unsafe hassle, they are eventually avoided. Not being able to use an upper level or basement can feel like a loss of independence, but installing a stairlift allows seniors to regain a sense of freedom and self-sufficiency. Stairlifts can be custom designed to fit any stairway, regardless of design or layout.

At Access Mobility, we have stair lift solutions for every type of stair-related obstacle. We also offer free in-home consultations with no obligation for anyone interested in seeing what a stairlift can do for them.

2. Living Space Modifications 
As seniors age, they may discover their kitchen is no longer navigable. From countertops and cabinetry that’s too high, especially for those in wheelchairs, to appliances in unideal locations, having a kitchen that is not usable will be very frustrating. Walk through your loved one’s kitchen with them and identify what changes could be made to make the kitchen easier to use.

Another area of difficulty is the bathroom, specifically showers and bathtubs. The best option is to replace tubs with walk-in showers that provide much easier, safer entry and exit. It is also possible to replace a traditional bathtub with a walk-in tub. For these larger projects, Access Mobility can provide referrals to trusted contractors that specialize in home modifications. We put our trust in the pros!

3. Medical Alert Systems 
A medical alert system can monitor at-risk individuals and reach out to preset contacts and emergency services in case of an accident. The wearable devices make alerting easy for the wearer, providing peace of mind to them and loved ones alike. With a medical alert system, seniors can age in place confidently knowing that help would come right away in case of an emergency.

4. Smart Home Devices 
Advanced smart technology can make aging in place easier and more automated. From voice commands that help turn on lights and lock doors to video monitoring for loved ones who want to check in, the options with smart technology are virtually endless. These devices are easy to set up and can be controlled by apps on a smart phone.

5. Lift Chairs 
If getting in and out of everyday chairs has become a challenge, lift chairs are an affordable, comfortable solution. Lift chairs provide people with a stable way to get up and down after resting in a chair while relieving load on the back, hips and knees.
Lift chairs have always been at the core of Access Mobility, since providing our first lift chairs back in the 1970’s. From economy-based chairs with simple functions to luxury power recliners, we now have over 30 different chairs available in our showroom for you to try.

Interested in a stairlift or a lift chair? 
When a home becomes more of a challenge for someone aging in place, Access Mobility is here to help! We encourage you to stop by our showroom to investigate your options and see how our mobility devices operate firsthand. Our expert team can answer any questions you have and help you confidently choose the best products for your unique needs. Let us help make aging in place easier!

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