5 Things Consider Before Purchasing a Power Lift Recliner Chair

5 things consider before purchasing a power lift recliner chair

At Access Mobility, we understand that simple tasks become more complicated with age. If getting in and out of sofas and lounge chairs is difficult for your loved one, power lift recliners are an affordable solution. With a stable way to get up and down after resting in a chair while relieving load on the back, hips and knees, your loved one can live comfortably in their home and maintain the same independence they’ve enjoyed for years. 

There are so many recliner lift chairs available in Indianapolis and online, and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. With over 50 years of experience providing affordable, quality in-home mobility solutions for customers in Central Indiana, we have mastered the power lift chair recliner selection process and have over 40 chairs in stock right now. By discussing five simple considerations with your loved one, you can narrow down what type of chair is best for their needs and find their perfect fit. 

  1. Number of Positions

There are three different types of electrical power lift recliners that come with specific adjustment features. When choosing the right chair for your loved one, the sitting and reclining capabilities are the key factor to consider.  

Two-Position Recliners: As its name suggests, a two-position power recliner can be adjusted to sit upright for conversation and eating, and then reclined for getting cozy while watching TV or reading. 

Three-Position Recliners: These lift chairs can be adjusted into the same upright and reclined positions as two-position recliners, but also have a third position that allows users to fully recline and lie completely flat, making it perfect for naps. 

Infinite Recliners: Infinite power lift recliner chairs offer the same upright, reclined and flat positions as two- and three-position chairs. However, infinite recliners have advanced adjustment features for both the foot and headrest so your loved one can lounge in the most comfortable position possible. 

Keep the habits of your loved one in consideration when selecting a chair. If they spend most of their time in an upright position, you do not need to invest in an infinite power recliner chair. Likewise, if your loved one needs their daily nap, a lift chair with more position options will help them sleep soundly. 

  1. Your Room Constraints

Take time to evaluate the room your loved one’s lift chair will live in. If space is tight and you cannot rearrange furniture to make more room, it is important to choose a chair model that does not slide out and backwards. There are models designed specifically to slide open and forward to avoid banging against walls or crashing into other furniture.  

If you don’t know which models offer which capabilities, don’t be afraid to ask! Mobility and accessibility experts will be able to guide you in the right direction. At Access Mobility, we have a dedicated team available at our showroom who can help you find a lift chair that fits your loved one’s room and physical needs.  

  1. Style and Fabric

The increasing popularity of power recliners has led to an infinite amount of style and fabric choices. When choosing a power recliner for your loved one, you don’t have to compromise their aesthetic for function. This allows you to match existing furniture and interior decorations to your lift chair so it blends in as a natural extension of your living space. Some fabric lift chairs even come with a moisture barrier, which is an important feature for many. 

  1. Fit

Like styles and fabrics, power recliner lift chairs also come in a variety of sizes. Finding the right is incredibly important for ensuring comfortability over extended periods of time. If you choose a chair that’s too big, your loved one’s legs may not reach the floor; if you choose a chair that is too small, your loved one’s lower back may respond negatively. From extra padding that allows for a firmer feel to wide seats that create extra space for pets, there is a fit perfect for everyone.  

  1. Advanced Features

Higher end power lift recliner chairs come with additions that make lounging even more luxurious. Some may find these kinds of features unnecessary, but if your loved one suffers from aches and pains, advanced options can be soothing. Be sure to ask if your loved one would enjoy having access to different massage modes, lumbar heating, side pockets, cupholders or USB charging ports while in their chair. You want your purchase to be worthwhile in the long run. 

Ready to start shopping? 

At Access Mobility, lift chairs will always be at the heart of our business. We understand the importance of living comfortably in your home, which is why we have over 30 different types of chairs on display in our showroom for people to try. From economy-based chairs with simple functions to luxury power recliners, we can find the perfect lift chair for any budget and personal preferences. Come to our showroom at S. Emerson Ave in Indianapolis, Indiana today to test what we have on display and find the perfect fit for your loved one! 

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