Boost Independence and Safety with a Home Stair Lift

boost independence and safety with a home stair lift
A change in mobility brings new challenges at home, at work, and out in the community. When navigating the stairs becomes too much of an obstacle, families are forced to make lifestyle changes.

While small changes may be easy to adjust to, major changes – like selling the two-story family home for a smaller residence without steps – can take a significant emotional toll.

Instead of moving out of the home you love, a small investment in the right technology can provide freedom, mobility and independence. Stairway lifts are an easy way to enhance the safety and accessibility of your home.

Keep your independence

Mobility challenges can make it impossible to complete even simple tasks like moving around your home. A stairlift provides safe, independent transportation from the basement to the second story, allowing you access to your entire home.

Prevent slips and falls

A chair lift reduces the risk of serious injury from slips, trips and falls down the stairs. With just the click of the seatbelt and push of a button, you can safely ride from one floor to the next.

How to shop for a stairway lift

You’re making an investment in your home and your health, so do your research when shopping for a home chair lift. Think about how long you’ll need the lift, the design of the stairway(s) it needs to be fitted to, and what kind of special features are important to you and your family. Here are some things you may want to consider:

  • Locking swivel seat for easy in/out
  • Soft start and stop function for a smooth ride
  • Collision prevention in case there are items or pets on the stairs
  • A backup battery so you don’t get stranded if the power goes out
  • Safety locks so children cannot play on the lift
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Visit the Access Mobility showroom

If your stairway is straight or curved, if it’s in a grand entryway or leading down to a basement, Access Mobility has a chair lift solution for every stair-related obstacle. Stop by our showroom to experience the innovative Bruno stairlifts and Handicare 1000 system for yourself. See how the seat locks and swivels and experience the smooth ride from advanced stop/start mechanisms. We’ll show you how the charging system works and how the rail mounts to your stairway. We’re proud to offer a fully functional showroom that allows you to see how a lift can work in your home.

As a family owned and operated business, we thrive on building good relationships. Learn more about how we can provide the best option to help you or your loved one access their home and their life.

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