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Lift Chairs and Power Recliners  


Since 1971, Lift Chairs have been at the heart of our business  


In the 1980's, our service area stretched through several states across the Midwest. After a significant change in the way insurance viewed the helpful product, our focus drew closer to home. Today, with over 30 lift and recline chairs on display in our spacious showroom, Access Mobility is the premier destination for Central Indiana and Indianapolis to shop for a lift chair.

goldenWe hear frequently that shopping for a lift chair can be frustrating in other stores, as they will only have a few available to try. One-size-fits-most has no place in the Lift Chair industry. By keeping multiple chairs in-stock, we can satisfy individuals from 5-feet-small up to nearly seven-feet-tall. Price options also range from economy models up to high end luxury models featuring high performance upholstery. Customers find no shortage of power lift chair choices at Access Mobility!

We have   over 30   unique chairs on display!  

Over the years, many terms have been used to help communicate the improved features and benefits of the Lift Chair.  You may have heard of a few:

  • The Sleep Chair a chair that gives you the ability to move the leg and back sections of a chair independently, allowing for infinite position possibilities, for a great night's sleep.
  • The Twilight Chair - the newest design of sleep chair that gives the user the ability to tilt the entire unit back to achieve an incredible "cradling" feeling. 
  • The Trendelenburg Chair - when a chair is able to raise your feet to be higher than your head.  This can improve blood flow, as well as help ease back pain.
  • The Zero Gravity Chair - a chair that is able to move your feet, legs, hips and back to a position that reduces pressure to all locations, giving the feeling of zero-gravity.
  • The Infinite Position Chair - the first chair that had more than two buttons on the remote!  It was the first to give you the ability to control your head separately from your feet.
  • The Three-Position Chair - this is the original Sleep Chair design, as it would lay back far enough to take a nap.  However, it was not able to move the head and leg sections independently.  This is a great value option for budget minded buyers.
  • The Two-Position Chair - the first position is the neutral, or sitting position.  The second position is a limited recline, or TV watching position.  Another value focused chair.

Two things all of the above chairs have in common:
1.  Each of the above chairs are Lift Chairs

2.  They are all in our showroom, ready to try!

Speedy home delivery is also available for customers that would like for us to take care of the heavy lifting  

By partnering with Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility, we can find the perfect lift chair for any budget. Economy based chairs with simple functions up to luxury power recliners featuring heat and massage are available to try in our showroom.

Available Options:

  • Footrest extensions - extra length for better heel support
  • Heat and massage - heated lumbar and multi-zone massage for elevated comfort
  • Vinyl upholstery - more durable than standard material, sometimes required by certain facilties
  • High-Performance fabric - stain resistant, liquid barrier, and anti-microbial covering
  • Brisa - a luxurious faux leather that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Valor Urethane - another leather-like cover that looks more sheen and has the grain pattern of leather
  • Head pillow - counterbalanced and zipper backed pillow for additional head comfort

(options availability subject to chair make/model)

We look forward to helping you find the most comfortable lift chair possible  

Feel free to browse our available lift chairs online, but we cordially invite you to come see all the options available in our beautiful building in person! 

Lift Chair Service & Repair    

As is the case with all the products we provide, we have a full service department that can take care of all your lift chair repair needs. The Access Mobility's service department stocks many commonly needed parts for lift chair, including pendants, transformers, and various cables. If you did not purchase your lift chair from us, we would be happy to earn your business. Many lift manufacturers have given us the ability to purchase their parts in order to help as many people stay safely at home as possible. As long as we can get the parts you need, we will not turn you away or pressure you into purchasing a new product. Honesty and integrity are two of our basic core values. If we can help you, WE WILL!

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