Couture Offset Cane with Matching Standing Tips

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The Couture Cane is High Fashion from Top to Bottom! It is the first cane that features a shaft with a designer pattern that also matches the standing cane tip. This unique set makes your cane a fun fashion accessory rather than just a medical walking stick! You have 5 attractive patterns to choose from and each aluminum cane is height adjustable from 30″ to 39″. Features a offset style design with a soft foam grip that is great for any hand and a strap that allows you to keep your cane with you at all times. The Super Big Foot Cane Tip will allow your cane to stand on it’s own when you are shopping, eating dinner, or just relaxing at home. The tip feature 6 feet that grip the surface as you walk and the tip flexes for maximum mobility. Canes support up to 250lbs.
Color Options

Celebration, Sunflower, Swirl


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