EZ Swivel Seat Cushion

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The EZ Swivel Seat Cushion from Stander is a soft, flexible swivel seat with a unique design that allows for easy transfers in and out of any vehicle. Simply place the cushion on the seat and enjoy a 360 degree rotation that makes rotate hips and swinging legs out of a car easy and comfortable. The swivel cushion provides a full range of motion and ensures stability and safety.


  • SWIVELS 360 DEGREES: The EZ Swivel Seat Cushion swivels 360 degrees around it’s center axis to help rotate hips and legs.
  • NON-SLIP BASE: The undercoated non-slip base will ensure that the cushion stays in place on the seat while getting out of vehicle.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Use the Swivel Seat Cushion on flat surfaces and contoured bucket style seats of any vehicle.
  • PIVOT AND ROTATE: The swiveling cushion makes it easier to rotate hips and pivot legs out of the car.
  • PADDED CUSHION: The padded cushion is soft, comfortable, and easy to sit on during long road trips.


  • Diameter: 18″
  • Color: Blue


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