Residential Vertical Platform Lift


Allow people using mobility devices to easily enter or exit a home, deck or patio with a Bruno vertical platform lift (VPL).  A space-efficient, smooth Bruno VPL is like a “mini elevator” and enables a person in a scooter or wheelchair to safely overcome a vertical barrier.

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Bruno residential vertical platform lift on a deck


  • Easy to Use: Self-lowering ramp folds down for smooth on/off access and automatically folds up to create a safety barrier when VPL is in use.  Pressure-control rocker switch provides easy up/down operation.
  • Safe:  Unit shuts down when the obstruction sensor under the platform is touched.  Bruno VPL’s feature an emergency stop switch on the platform control panel.
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Weather-resistant controls and specialized coating protect the VPL.  Optional cold-weather package further combats extreme winter conditions.
  • Reliable: Affordable AC power on 4-6 ft units (DC power optional) and continuous charging DC battery-powered motor on 10-ft models.


  • Landing Call/Send Station: Add a landing call/send station to operate VPL from outside the lift.
  • Top Landing Gate:  Includes call/send control with key & mechanical interlock or electrical strike interlock (ESI).
  • Platform Gate Operator: Improve ease of operation with an optional platform gate operator.
  • Platform Gate: Increase safety with optional platform gate.  Recommended for all unenclosed applications.
  • Power Assisted Operator: Easily access Bruno VPL with power assisted door/gate operator.


  • Lifting Capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Model Heights:  53″, 75″ and 123″ lifts
  • Multiple platforms sizes, configurations

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