Strongback 22S with Attendant Brakes Manual Wheelchair

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The Strongback 22S Wheelchair, by Strongback Mobility, is the first and only folding manual wheelchair to provide frame- integrated posture support. Its unique ergonomic shape promotes healthy upright sitting and supports the lumbar curve of your spine, thus decreasing pressure on the spinal discs ensuring you comfort from the first moment. No other wheelchair offers you this type of back and seat ergonomics. The innovative Strongback 22S wheelchair’s seat angle prevents slipping and slouching forward, improves user stability, and reduces seat shear on sensitive pressure points of the buttocks. The Strongback has a 1.2 inch built-in cushion for extra comfort, beautifully curved lines and attention to detail make this chair the new standard of comfort and design.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic – with its curved backrest, every Strongback wheelchair supports the natural lumbar curve of the spine.  This aligns your pelvis for correct posture.
  • Ultralight – With its compact and foldable design and the use of exquisite materials, the Strongback 24 is one of the lightest wheelchairs of its kind, weighing between 20 and 27 pounds.
  • Stylish – The design is a cut above standard models thanks to beautifully curved lines and sleek innovations throughout.
  • Adjustable – To adjust the ideal position and firmness of the lumbar support, the use has an adjustable back flap with a practical Velcro fastener.
  • 22″ Quick Release Rear Wheels
  • 3 position rear axle for beginner, intermediate and expert users
  • Includes Attendant Brakes


Model: 16” Small Seat
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. 
  • Size (folded): 29” x 14” x 27.5”
  • Size (Unfolded): 40” x 24” x 35”
  • Product Net Weight: 15 lbs. Without footrests, wheel and anti-tippers. 
  • Product Total Weight: 26.6 lbs. 


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