One of the things that makes Access Mobility different is the way we handle our customers.

When a customer walks through our door for the first time, we consider them a friend.

Once we've done our best to help our new friend with their needs and it's time for them to depart, we consider them a part of the Access Mobility Family.

Here are a few comments from our Access Mobility Family:

Scott D. - Prescott Valley, AZ
"May 23, 2018. My wife and I were coming to Indianapolis from Arizona for my son's high school Commencement when my 5-year-old scooter stoped working at the airport gate 40 minutes before boarding. The next day, I searched Google for Scooter Repair and came across Access Mobility. I'm so thankful I did. Mark met me under the canopy. He looked over my scooter, tried to get it to move numerous times, and though he wasn't confident it could be repaired, he recommended one of the tech people look it over. Since they were busy and we were a drop-in customer, we had to wait approx. 45 minutes. Mark showed us where the soda machine and bathrooms were, and told us to sit comfortably on a couple of lift-chairs in the showroom. As Mark feared, my scooter was DOA. The rear axel locked up, overheated the motor and burnt the wiring. Mark showed us were the new scooters and manual wheelchairs were on display. Without any pressure, my wife and I looked over what was available and chose a lightweight manual wheelchair and air-filled seat cushion for a very respectable price (not the lowest I've seen, but definitely not outrageous). I very highly recommend Access Mobility for anyone's needs, whether they be planned or emergency. If ownership wants to expand, please please consider Arizona, and especially my town of Prescott Valley. Thank you."

Clark A. - Beech Grove, IN

"Just wanted to say I really appreciate Brett and the way he handled our lift chair delivery. He was very very thoughtful and very nice."

Gayla D. - Indianapolis, IN
"Thank you for your help in purchasing my new mobility scooter. Also please thank your service staff for their help with my lift. I look forward to using my new ride!"

Jim T. - Carmel, IN
"Access Mobility had the best price, the installation was on time, very professional and considerate (as quiet as he could be, so as not to disturb), well executed with care for our home, and the equipment was in good shape and worked exactly as we needed. This is a family-run business with a father/son and their field teams, and the attention to customer service showed"

Mark H. - Indianapolis, IN
"The people here are wonderful to work with. Tony knows more about lift chairs than possibly the manufacturer and is just great to work with. I also met Marc and Rick and Alan who were great to visit with. Great prices and service. Would highly recommend them"

Beth B. - Indianapolis, IN
"As a Home Care owner, Access Mobility is the only place I refer clients to. They have a wide selection of products. There hasn't been anything I can't get there."

Stacey E. - Indianapolis, IN
"Highly recommend taking the time to visit them. Tony spent hours helping my very short round mom find the perfect lift chair. In the past they have helped other family members with their purchases and service needs.The people here are wonderful to work with."

Customer Reviews

Dana C. - Greencastle, IN
"Great staff! Tony is awesome! Thank you guys so much!"

Jackie R. - Greenwood, IN
"Cody delivered our chair

earlier today and I wanted to report that he was very kind and professional. He did just an over all SUPERB job. Thank you."

Michelle N. - Springfield, IL
We were leaving our hotel and couldn't find our scooter key. Marc was able to send someone over right away with the key we needed. Brett was a real gentleman and even helped us load our scooter into our car. So thankful for your help!

Eyedeal O - Google User
"Superb service. Genuinely good folks. Installed our chair lift and made sure we understood how to use it properly."

Customer Reviews

Mariann C. - Indianapolis, IN
"Marc is just the most professional person, he really knows what he is talking about, a pleasure to work with"

Jean H. - Indianapolis, IN
"My lift chair needed service and Caleb was able to fix it. He was so nice and courteous. I am very pleased with the work done."

Betty M. - Martinsville, IN
"My husband is hard to understand because of a stroke and it is difficult for people to understand him. Caleb was very nice and was very patient with him and was able to have a conversation with him and understood every word. Caleb also got along with our dogs. I was not only very impressed with his service skills, but he was very professional."

Judy M. - Indianapolis, IN
"I am very impressed with Caleb and the repair job he did. He cleaned up everything and left all in the same shape it was in at start. Nice young man. Thank you.

Steven D. - McCordsville, IN
"Called ahead and showed up on time, did what I needed down without trying to sell me any new items. Was pleased."

Ken S. - Indianapolis
"They came out to repair my chairlift. It was pronounced dead and it was going to cost me over 13,000. they did it for around 1,100. They even allowed me to pay in 2 installments. After the work was done they called me twice to see how it was working for me."