Safer at Home for the Holidays

safer at home for the holidays
For families with parents or in-laws in senior assisted-living or long-term care facilities, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented additional struggles and hardships.Ahead of the upcoming holidays — a season in which the importance of family and time spent together is celebrated — we’ve been meeting with many families making the decision to bring their aging parents home.

For families with the space and means to safely do so, moving mom and dad out of their long-term care facilities is becoming a more popular option — and Access Mobility is here to help.

In many senior-living facilities, elevators are available when needed and navigating staircases isn’t a necessity. For those returning to multi-level homes where stairs can now present a challenge, a stairway lift from Access Mobility is the perfect solution.

As a short-term rental or an outright purchase, those who wish to convert a basement or upstairs guest suite into their parents’ new living quarters, a stairway lift makes the everyday experience of going up and down the stairs easier, painless and stress-free.

Locally owned and operated across three generations since 1971, Access Mobility knows the importance of family — and helping keep yours together is our passion. If you’re considering bringing your parents or in-laws home from their long-term care centers this year, stop by our South Emerson Avenue showroom to see how an Access Mobility stairway lift can make the experience easier. Your family members can even ride our working display models to learn more about how the foldaway chairs, easy-to-use controls, charging system and more all work.

We’re also proud to offer free in-home evaluations without any obligation. Whether your staircase is straight or curved and no matter where it’s located, we have a solution to navigate any obstacle. As a proud dealer of Bruno and Handicare systems, Access Mobility offers only the best in home stairway lift technology.

Your home’s stairway lift installation will be performed by our factory-trained technicians and includes a free one-year labor warranty in addition to your unit’s standard factory warranty.

We know it’s a big decision to move mom and dad or in-laws out of their senior-living facilities and into your home, but Access Mobility is here to help make the process easier and more convenient for all. Reach out to our team to learn more about our stairway lift solutions of to schedule your in-home evaluation today.

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