Scootin’ Through Summer: 4 Things to Consider When Selecting A Mobility Scooter

Scootin’ Through Summer: 4 Things to Consider When Selecting A Mobility Scooter

The summer is full of fun and exciting travel opportunities — graduations, family vacations — and are a time you should be out exploring and enjoying the warm breeze with loved ones.

You shouldn’t have to miss out on the moments! A mobility scooter can help you safely and comfortably navigate the outdoors and be present for all the seasonal fun.

From traditional designs to compact or heavy-duty models, there are several options when it comes to mobility scooters. Here are a few things to consider when selecting the scooter for your travel and mobility needs:

  • Usage. How will you be using your mobility scooter? While all mobility scooters are made to ride with ease over sidewalks, parking lots and driveways, certain companies carry heavier duty models with large tires, full suspension and other features that can help you move smoothly over sand and other types of rougher, uneven terrain. If you want to be able to use your scooter more in an indoor setting, smaller, 3-wheel styles may be your best option as they are equipped to easily maneuver through narrow hallways and around tight corners and spaces.
  • Storage. Some simpler and smaller mobility scooters can be easily disassembled or even fold up to fit compactly in your trunk or vehicle and make more sense if you travel frequently and need to use across parking lots, through stores or for smaller trips. The larger, more robust scooter options are generally not dismantlable. If they are, they are very heavy and may be unsafe to try to take apart and move. These models generally need a larger vehicle with a ramp or lift that can seamlessly transport it in one piece.
  • Comfort Level. Scooter seats come in a variety of sizes and styles depending on the model. While smaller options typically come with simple, stadium-style folding seats, other larger, higher-end scooters provide thicker cushions and premium captain seats with arm and headrests to keep you comfortable on longer, bumpier rides. There are options that can recline, and some selections include rotating capabilities that are great for those who struggle to get up and maneuver on or off their scooter.
  • Add-On Features. What other amenities would aid your travel needs? Mobility scooters can have a wide range of built-in or additional feature options included. Some models come with several cup holders and baskets so you bring items for your shopping trips or family outings. Others can even include covers to help keep you cool and shaded as you cheer for your loved one at the baseball field or enjoy a day at the park.

Unsure of what mobility scooter would work best for your upcoming travel plans or mobility needs?

Nobody knows mobility scooters better than our team at Access Mobility! We’re proud to offer a wide array of scooter options from the industry’s leading manufacturers, like Golden Technologies or Pride Mobility, and would be happy to show you the various sizes, styles and features you can choose from. We even invite you to take a test drive in our expansive showroom or out on our outdoor track to find the perfection option for your summer adventures.

Let Access Mobility help ensure you never miss a moment this season.

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