Straight Vs. Curved Stair Lifts for Seniors What Are the Differences

Straight Vs. Curved Stairlifts for Seniors What Are the Differences

As we age, simple tasks like climbing stairs can become daunting challenges. Stair lifts offer an easy solution, making multi-story living spaces accessible and safe for seniors. When considering a stair lift for your home, you’ll encounter two primary options: straight stair lifts and curved stair lifts. We’ll explore the differences between the two and help you make an informed choice to improve the mobility and independence of your loved ones.

Straight Stair Lifts

Straight stair lifts are designed for, as the name suggests, straight staircases. These stair lifts are installed on staircases without any turns, landings, or intermediate platforms. They provide a simple, cost-effective solution for seniors who need assistance on straight runs. These types of stair lifts include a rail that runs directly up the stairs without any curves.

A comfortable and secure chair is placed by professional installers to ensure a safe ride up and down the stairs for the senior. It increases accessibility to many aspects of the household and allows seniors to continue living in their current home. For a senior that lives alone, this can greatly improve their sense of independence and happiness. It also allows them to stay in a space where they are comfortable and have made many memories.

Curved Stair Lifts

Curved stair lifts, on the other hand, are customized for staircases with curves, turns, intermediate landings, or even spiral staircases. These stair lifts are tailor-made to fit the exact specifications of your unique staircase, ensuring a snug and safe fit. A curve rail is designed to match the unique shape of the staircase.

For this type of lift, a chair or platform will be installed that can navigate the turns smoothly creating an easy ride for the senior. A star lift made for curved stairs is perfect for any home and can be installed to fit your personal style. Curved stair lifts might take a bit more time in the design phase, but the custom parts are the only option for many homes.

Design and Installation

The most apparent difference between straight and curved stair lifts is their design and installation. Straight stair lifts are relatively simple to install since they follow a linear path. Curved stair lifts, on the other hand, require precise measurements and customization to fit the specific curvature of the staircase. Professional installers ensure that curved stair lifts are a perfect fit. It can take a bit more time to get a curved stair lift installed, but once the process is complete, the two types of stair lifts hold the same job. Both types are effective at getting someone up and down stairs in a safe manner.


Straight stair lifts are typically more cost-effective than curved stair lifts because of their straightforward design and installation. Curved stair lifts, being custom-made, come with a higher price tag due to the additional engineering and manufacturing required to accommodate the unique features of curved staircases. Speak with multiple professional installers before you choose a company to go with. Different installers might have different prices for the job, so it is important to get multiple quotes. It is also best to ask about before you decide to install a stair lift so that you have an idea of the approximate price.

The Right Stair Lift for You

When choosing between straight and curved stair lifts for your senior family members, consider the design of your staircase and your budget. Straight stair lifts are perfect for linear staircases, while curved stair lifts offer flexibility and accessibility on complex, curved, or spiral staircases. Both are great options for increasing safety in your home, which is the main goal. Installing a stair lift removes a lot of the stress of having a senior in your home. You will no longer have to see the stairs as a threat.

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