Curved Stairlifts

Are your beautiful, curved stairs getting harder and harder to navigate safely? Access Mobility has the perfect solution: a custom curved stairlift! Unlike straight stairlifts, curved lifts can be designed to perfectly fit the unique path of your stairs, providing a safe and comfortable ride to every level of your home.

The Perfect Solution for Curved Staircases

Curved stairlifts offer all the benefits of traditional straight stairlifts, with the added advantage of navigating the bends and turns of your unique staircase.  Here’s why a curved stairlift might be the right choice for you:

  • Safe and Easy Access: Enjoy the freedom of reaching all areas of your home without worrying about falls on stairs. 
  • Custom-Designed for Your Stairs: Our curved stairlifts are meticulously crafted to fit the exact layout and path of your staircase, ensuring a smooth, safe, and comfortable ride. No matter what your staircase looks like, we can deliver a solution.  
  • Discreet and Space-Saving: The slim profile of the rail minimizes obstruction, allowing others to use the stairs freely when the lift is not in use.  
  • Wide Range of Features: Choose from a variety of options to personalize your lift experience, including swivel seats, powered footrests, and folding rails. 
  • Long-Term Investment: A curved stairlift allows you to age safely and comfortably in your own home. Forget leaving the home you love… Turn your multi-story home into your forever home with this simple solution. 

We Offer a Variety of Curved Stairlift Options

At Access Mobility, we understand that every home and staircase is unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of curved stairlifts to meet your specific needs and preferences. Some of our most popular models include:

Bruno Elite Curved Stairlift

This top-of-the-line lift features a luxurious seat, powerful motor, and a range of optional features for ultimate comfort and convenience. This stairlift is perfect for indoors and is the top selling curved stairlift in North America. With continuously charging batteries, this stairlift can still be used when the power is out.

Bruno Elite Outdoor Stairlift

A high-quality and affordable option, the Bruno Curved Stairlift provides a safe and comfortable ride on a custom-designed track. This stairlift is designed with weather resistant materials and comes with a waterproof cover. Our outdoor curved stairlifts are made to work on any area you might need them.

Whether you need help navigating stairs inside or out, we have the right solution for you. All of our indoor and outdoor curved stair lifts are handcrafted with precision to fit your unique staircase.

We offer FREE, no-obligation in-home consultations to help you choose the right custom curved stairlift for your space. Our goal is to help you explore the available options and select a solution that you’ll be comfortable with over time.

Our factory trained staff is extremely knowledgeable and can explain all of the different mechanisms and aspects of our chair lift options to you. By the end of the consultation, you should have a strong understanding of everything we offer.

Everything You Need to Know About Curved Stairlifts

We understand that you may have questions about curved stairlifts. Here’s some helpful information:

Stair Lift Reviews and Resources

We encourage you to explore our website for additional information on curved stairlifts, including customer reviews and helpful resources. We’re confident that a curved stairlift can be the key to regaining your independence and enjoying your entire home safely and comfortably.

We would love to show you around our Indianapolis showroom, located on South Emerson Avenue! We have a variety of working models on display that you can experience for yourself. If you can’t make it in, we invite you to tour our virtual showroom on our website.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation! Our experienced staff can answer any questions, assess your staircase, and recommend the perfect curved stairlift solution to meet your needs.

Now is the time… Seize the day and take back your independence with a curved stairlift!

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