Stair Lifts

What Type of Stair lift Do You Need?

Straight Stair lift

Safely navigate your home’s largest obstacle

Curved Stair lift

Custom-built to any shape, style or size of staircase

Outdoor Stair lifts

Straight or curved, built tough to withstand the elements

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Counting your trips up the stairs?

As we age, we lose the freedom to go where we want within our own homes. To regain access to your entire home, you need a solution that can help you navigate unavoidable challenges.

Struggling with:

  • Joint pain?
  • Mobility?
  • Independence?
  • Lack of energy?
  • Stability?
  • Confidence?
  • Safety?
When a multi-level home becomes more of a challenge than it once was, let Access Mobility help!

No matter if the stairway is straight, curved – if it’s in a grand entryway or leading down to a basement, we have a stair lift solution for every type of stair-related obstacle.

FREE in-home stair lift consultations are available with absolutely no obligation! We’re committed to being problem solvers that help Hoosier families stay active and together.

We invite you to visit our expansive South Emerson Avenue showroom to see working models, experience for yourself how our stair lifts operate, and allow us to walk beside you on your unique mobility journey

stair lifts

Visit our South Emerson Avenue showroom to see working stair lift models.

Whether your stairway is straight, curved, located in a grand entryway or leading to a basement, we have stair lift solutions that can bypass all obstacles and fit any budget. Instead of losing your independence and confidence, let us help you fully access your home and life.

Other Common Questions

Pre-owned stair lifts, with local installation and setup included, begin at $1799. New stair lift prices are determined by the model, length of the staircase and desired options. Access Mobility’s experts will design a stair lift system that includes everything you need at an incredible value.

If you’ve never used an in-home stair lift before, we invite you to stop by our showroom to experience how they operate. We have working models installed on our own stairways here for customers to try themselves. Come see how the seat locks and swivels to make getting in and out of the seat easy and worry-free. Feel how the soft start/stop motor makes for smooth, quiet ride. We’ll show you how the charging system works, how the rail mounts to your stairs and our knowledgeable team can answer any questions on anything you’d like to learn!

Private insurance or Medicare does not usually pay for stair lifts. We do have financing options and a rental program available for customers.

Stair lift rails are attached to the staircase treads, not the wall. Indoor straight stair lifts are generally installed within a few hours and indoor curved units are within a day.

We do NOT recommend this. Unfortunately, there are more and more companies willing to sell their stair lifts directly to the end user. This may seem to provide a nice cost savings, however the risks it introduces far outweigh this savings. It should go without saying that a trained technician will do a much better job than a handyman or family member at installing equipment that you will grow to depend on every day. Additionally, by having Access Mobility install your stairlift chair, our customers have the extra confidence of a 1-year labor warranty if anything should go wrong. This warranty alone would erase the cost savings of a self-install.
It is suggested by most manufacturers that you have your lift serviced at least once a year. There are many wear and tear items that can be monitored and replaced prior to an actual failure. The last thing anyone wants to have happen is to be stuck without their lifting device for any amount of time. Access Mobility offers many options regarding periodic maintenance inspections. Give us a call if you feel it is time for a good once-over of your equipment. We would be happy to help!
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